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Jeff Mims running to be Dayton’s mayor

By Cornelius Frolik, Dayton Daily News

Dayton City Commissioner Jeffrey Mims Jr. announced this morning he is officially running to be Dayton’s next mayor.

Mims will vie for the seat being vacated by Nan Whaley, who has decided not to seek a third term in office. Mims is finishing his second term on the city commission. Previously, he has served as an educator, coach, president of the Dayton school union, school board member and state school board member.

Two other political hopefuls recently confirmed they plan to run for the city’s top office: Former Mayor Gary Leitzell and Tony Shutlz, a businessman and fight promoter. Mims announced his candidacy at Cleveland Elementary School surrounded by more than 35 supporters, including Mayor Whaley and City Commissioners Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph.

Mayor Whaley and Commissioners Joseph and Shaw have endorsed Mims for mayor.

Mims has a rare talent and skill for educating others, and he is team builder and mentor and has a strong vision for the city, said Commissioner Joseph.

“He’s the kind of friend you want, he’s the kind of colleague you want,” Joseph said. “He’s the kind of leader you want.”

Mims said he will make sure economic development is a top a priority, because many businesses are in trouble due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the COVID-19 crisis came along, Dayton “had the wind at our back,” because of growing investment, new jobs and other gains, Mims said.

He said he wants to improve quality of life and safety in the city. He said he is pleased that police reform work is also making progress in Dayton.

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