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Numbers Matter!

West Dayton

15,406 (Est. Pop.31,776) 


11,264 (Est. Pop.24,375 )

Jefferson Township

 3,066  (Est. Pop.6,476 ) 

*Last Update 11/3/2020

Current Westside registered voters are listed in Red & our entire populations are listed in Black.

We need you!

Consistent, Collective, & Active voters equal more dollars as well as development opportunities for our communities!

Registering to vote is the first step to helping our community.

Need to request an absentee ballot? Request your ballot today!

Even if you registered for the 2020 election, check your registration status today!

Part of having a election day plan is knowing where to go!

Check Your Registration Status

You can check your status on the internet or phone!

In life, things happen. If you moved, got married, changed your name, or been purged from the voter rolls (through no fault of your own), this is a good time to update your status!  If your registration isn't in the system, don't panic. Head back to the top of this page, and complete the online voter's registration process.

*If you haven't voted in the last two elections, you need to reregister. 

Absentee Ballot Request

We encourage and push for early voting in EVERY election! If every voting in-person is not the best option for you, request and absentee ballot today!

Voter Registration

Registering to vote online is easy and takes 2 minutes to complete.

The only information you need to complete the process is your:

  • Ohio driver’s license or Ohio identification card number

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

*If you haven't voted in the last two elections, you need to reregister. 

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Find Your Polling Location

Know where to go on election day! Click below to find your polling location.

  • 18 years old age,

  • US citizens,

  • Resident of Ohio (at least 30 days before the election),

  • Individuals convicted of a misdemeanor, 

  • Convicted felons, &

  • Convicted felonies on probation or parole

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Dropped from the list- ThePurge Voter Problem

In Ohio, your voter registration status can be canceled simply because you have not voted recently and failed to return a mailed notice.
In 2019, without any notice or communication from the election board, 235,000 registered voters were dropped from the eligible voter list! That's crazy! You can be excluded from the process by a number of factors that are outside of your control.
As a collective team, we cannot lose any of our registered voters!
Please, check your voter registration status today!
We are going to need you in May & in November!
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