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About Us

​We are here to increase our voting muscle and improve the quality of services on the Westside!​​

As an organized community, we will achieve 80% registered voters and 75% voter turn out in 2021 in the local elections!​​​


To inspire Montgomery County Westside residents to vote, run for office, & win elections.


Be the trusted authority on local, state, & federal politics.

Montgomery County Westside

communities include:

West Dayton Neighborhoods

College Hill                                                    Dayton View Triangle

Fairview                                                         Princeton Heights

Wesleyan Hill                                                 University Row

Arlington Heights                                            Carillon                  Edgemont                                                       Fairlane                 

Five Points                                                      Germantown Meadows

Highview Hills                                                 Lakeview

Little Richmond                                                MacFarlane

Madden Hills                                                  Miami Chapel

Pineview                                                        Residence Park

Roosevelt                                                       Stoney Ridge

Westwood                                                     Wolf Creek

Wright Dunbar Village                                     Five oaks

Trotwood Neighborhoods

Jefferson Township Neighborhoods

We are a group of people who are making change happen on the Westside. If you have skills to offer, join us!

Community organizations help fill in necessary gaps on the


We believe each organization can find common ground and work with the club to strengthen the Westside.

Members help us select and support candidates. 300 collective voices is better than 30 singular voices. Become a member today!

Information is the foundation to a stronger community. The club works with residents to share daily newsworthy topics. 

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Monthly General Meetings

Share Your Skills

We have room for every person that wants to join the team!

There is no right or wrong to increase voter engagement. If you have a idea, share it! Better yet, join our team and together we will figure out how to make it happen.

We are looking for:

  • Idea people

  • Dreamers

  • Technicians

  • Individuals to assist with voter registrations

  • Graphic designers

  • Photographers

  • Social Media experts 

  • Web development and App development 

  • Community Organizers 

  • Videographers

  • Public Speakers

  • Fundraisers  

  • Data analysts 

  • And more!

Share your time and talents with the Westside Democratic Club!

What We Do

1. We register voters on the Westside.

2. We share information about Elected officials and the governmental processes the impact the Westside.

3. We push voters to vote early and on election day.

Our club was established to share information, push legislation, and support initiatives/candidates that support improving the quality of life on the Westside.


We are pushing registered voters to collectively vote early in every elections and open up the communications lines with our elected officials.


The next meeting is March 28, 2023, at 6:00 p.m.

General Meeting

Our general meeting occurs once a month at
5160 Derby Rd. Dayton Ohio 45417.
 Please click here to join the email list.

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